Friday, March 30, 2007

OVERVIEW OF the bangsamoro youth congress

Bangsamoro Youth Congress

To strengthen unity of the Bangsamoro Youth


"Breaking Barries: Building bridges of Understanding and Cooperation"

It is an attempt to strengthen the unity of 13 Bangsamoro ethno linguistic tribes & group that were separated and divided by their cultural/traditional differences and geographical location

To develop a process of consultation and dialogue from a broad range of identified Bangsamoro youth leaders in Mindanao;

To promote unity and alliance among Bangsamoro youth, their organizations
To create at least five venues for dialogue and advocacy between the youth and the government and MILF peace panels

To discuss particular and common issues affecting the young people

To share ideas, stories, culture, passions, longings, and struggles
To look into their respective and common condition experiences from their own perspective

Main Activity

To hold a 3 days activity called “Bangsamoro Youth Congress” as culminating activities of the caucus which will be chosen from the different organization who participated in the consultation. The said congress it self will benefit at least fifty (50) participants who are chosen from the series of cluster caucus.

Major activities

Conveners Meeting
Cluster Caucus
Bangsamoro Youth Congress

Target Participants

18-25 years of age
Decision-maker of their Organization
Tribal and geographical Representation

Expected Output

developed alliances with peace groups Popularized the call for a strong and meaningful participation of the youth and
The Bangsamoro youth and children have established a solid alliance and strengthened their role in order to collectively reassert their legal and fundamental rights to determine their own future and political status vis-à-vis the on-going peace talks.

The Conveners Meeting

MINSED Foundation
UnYPhil Inc.

Cluster Caucus
Central Mindanao
Venue: Fiesta Cotabato , Cotabato City

Date: November 18,2006
Participated by 23 persons representing 11 youth organizations from different provinces in Central Mindanao


Venue: Isla Parilla, Alabel, Sarangani;
Date: December 22, 2006
Participated by 23 youth leaders from 10 Youth organizations from Different provinces in SoCSarGen.areas

Davao Region

Venue: Norul Hidaya, Upper Salazar, Mati, Davao Oriental;
Date: December 28, 2006
Participated by 22 youth leaders from 7 Youth organizations from Different provinces in Eastern Mindanao Region


Overview of the project has been presented (e.g. Proposal submitted to HATAG KALINAW competition & shirt listing, online voting and defend to the panel)
Provide inputs on Bangsamoro situation

Inputs on Conflict Transformation (Moro Perspective)

Inputs: Children’s Rights : Islamic & Non-Islamic Perspective

WORKSHOPS (on particular issues that is commonly affecting the Bangsamoro youth)

Have shared ideas, stories, culture, passions, longings, and struggles

Identified common recommendations/alternatives (to be discussed during the proper Bangsamoro Youth Congress)

Position Paper addressed to the GRP & MILF Peace Panel to continue the impasse peace process

One representative was able to attend in a 3 to 4 months long SCHOOL OF PEACE in Bangalore, India

Has been discussed in the Media through several interviews (DXMS & DXMY)

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