Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Role in the May 2007 Election

BCJP is decided to participate in whatever capacity in the forthcomong Matt 2007 election. Financially, we are delpleted, but our didication and commitment cannot stop by financial constraints as it was proven in the past. We were able to compete with other Huge networks and organizations who has financially stable in terms of advocacy. Last February, BCJP was very glad when the Asia Foundation throuh the CBCS invited in a Call to Proposal for ElecReform Program being funded by the USAUD. dyring the meeting in Estosan Hotel in Cotabato City, 1 participant asked question will the The Asia Foundation priorize their partners for approval. Tatine of TAF categorically answered that not in their criteria for approval. 2 months after, it was found out that all proposal from not member was rejected. It was the UNYPAD and CBCS proposal has been approved. For the second time around, we are victim of discrimination. I expereinced this when I was an Executive Director of some NGO. TAF asked me to submit proposal, after complying all the required documents, with no explaination, the Asia Foundation simply said. Your proposal is no more acceptable because the contract for the project was ended.

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